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Technisch Creative produces experiences that engage audiences visually, audibly, and emotionally while helping our clients meet their event goals strategically and financially. An award-winning event management and production company, we provide a variety of event management, technical direction, and experience design services to corporations, associations, government and charitable organizations.

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  • Service Spotlight: Venue Research

    Service Spotlight: Venue Research

    Choosing your event’s venue will have a large impact on your budget and overall performance. Let us help with venue research and site inspections.    ... Read More
  • Event Tip: Noise

    Event Tip: Noise

    Make sure to find out if there are other events scheduled in your venue and how these could affect yours— you wouldn’t want your small meeting... Read More
  • Client Testimonial: Katy Stevenson

    Client Testimonial: Katy Stevenson

    “I know that we can call on Heidi at any time and she will be there for us. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!”... Read More