When it seems the whole world is speeding toward change…

                                                                  … the Best Place to Be Is in The Lead.

Face it… there’s no going back. The way we do business has changed dramatically. Not long ago, members working on a project sat in cubicles located in the same building. Today, project teams can be spread throughout the country and even around the world – across multiple time zones and thousands of miles.

Change is the new normal. And it’s far better to lead from the front than get left behind.

Massive change = unlimited opportunity

Never has there been so much opportunity to reach a global audience. Today, you can stand in Orlando, or London, or Singapore and present to an audience anywhere in the world. But, if you’re marketing a product, or building a winning culture within a global company, or simply motivating your team, your message needs to stand out from the noise. Whether your audience is live or remote, engagement has never been more important.

In the end, your audience should be moved by your message … They want to believe in what you have to say.

That’s where we come in…

At Technisch Creative, we don’t just give your ideas a voice, we help that voice Make Waves! We put your ideas in front of the audience in a production they truly enjoy, whether it’s a traditional in-person event, a virtual live-streaming event, or a hybrid event that combines the best of both.

Since our beginning in 1999, we have focused on producing live events designed to deliver a message to people in person and across multiple live-streaming platforms.


Creative Development

What kind of event are you trying to create? We think you want to be a little different. Shake things up. Make Waves. Together we can set the stage for a winning performance. Here's where we make our entrance.

Concept Development/Brand Messaging

Multimedia Design and Production

Custom Scripting

Celebrity/Headline Entertainment

Theatrical Productions

Stage/Scenic Design

Production Management

Wouldn't it feel great if things were just easy? What if the tech stuff was less scary and more cool? We can help! Our experts hang out behind the curtain while you get the applause from the crowd.

Shipping and Logistics

CAD Drawings and Renderings

Vendor Management

Crew Management


Stage Management

Audio Visual Production

Do you need to impress the audience with the latest and greatest in event technology? Or do you simply need all the shiny equipment to make your presenters the rockstars? We've got your back!

Audio Visual Equipment Rental and Management

Video Mapping

Recording and Production

Webcasting and Video Archiving

Lighting and Set Design


So let’s have a little fun!

Because what’s the point of anything if you can’t have fun? We consistently hear from our clients that, not only do we achieve and even exceed the results they expect from the events we create, they also really enjoy working with us.

At Technisch Creative, we’ve gained skills and expertise through years of producing events, and we truly love what we do. That joy and passion for our work comes across in the events we produce and the experience you’ll have working with us.

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