Entertainment Strategies for Successful Events

Designing moments to entertain and inspire attendee’s is key to delivering successful outcomes.  One of the important considerations for both corporate and social events is to hire a producer with the knowledge and understanding of how to incorporate entertainment into your event storyline.  This can elevate the experience and drive interactions which are important for the success of an event. Here are several elements to consider when incorporating entertainment into your event.


  1. Providing unique and unexpected experiences: By offering something unexpected, entertainment can create a “wow” moment that attendees will remember and talk about long after the event is over.
  2. Creating an impactful atmosphere: Entertainment can set the tone for the event and create a memorable atmosphere, one which engages attendees and fosters a positive experience.
  3. High-quality shows: A well-choreographed performance or a captivating specialty act can leave a lasting impression on attendees making the event more memorable and enjoyable.
  4. Excitement and energy: Unique entertainment performances such as headline talent, dance bands, production shows and DJ’s can invigorate attendees and bring a sense of excitement to the event. All of this helps to create a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere.

Incorporating entertainment elements into meetings and events truly brings them to life.  Without a doubt, entertainment is a driver when promoting brand awareness.  It can create engaging attendee interactions that reinforce attendee messaging. Ultimately, a well-executed program helps to make an event more impactful, memorable, and effective.

What to consider when partnering with an entertainment provider.

  1. Quality: Choosing the right entertainment provider is crucial for ensuring high-quality entertainment that meets the needs and expectations of your event attendees.
  2. Compatibility: Picking an entertainment provider that is a good fit for your organization, one who understands the event objectives and works to craft a cohesive and impactful experience for attendees.
  3. Professionalism: Reputable, established entertainment providers bring a level of expertise and reliability to your event. Their job is to ensure the performance runs smoothly and as planned.
  4. Customization and flexibility: Identifying an entertainment provider with the resources and abilities to create a customized experience for you is crucial to the events success. While “off the rack” talent options may at times work, selecting a provider who can style the talent, the costumes, and the production to fit the needs and goals of your event is what truly leads to an elevated experience.
  5. Cost effectiveness: A good entertainment provider can support you in developing a realistic budget, assist you in determining “nice to have” vs. “need to have” and ensure objectives are met. They also manage the project helping you stay on budget while still delivering a high-quality experience.

Contributed by Lenny Talarico, CSEP

Lenny Talarico Events brings over 25 years of experience providing event, entertainment and production services delivering value to customers. With a deep understanding of the local market, the benefit of longstanding relationships with the best venues, vendors, and suppliers in the area, we leverage those on the client’s behalf to deliver exceptional results.

Recognized with numerous accolades over the years, Lenny Talarico Events maintains a long-standing presence in the industry.

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