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Creative Direction for your event is a crucial part of the planning process.

We focus on aligning the event with your business goals and ensuring its success. The emphasis is on understanding the client’s objectives and crafting an event that achieves those goals.
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Creative Direction


Our creative direction starts with a deep understanding of your business goals for the event. We believe that a successful event is one that helps you achieve your specific objectives. Whether you aim to boost sales, launch a new product, or foster a cultural shift within your organization, we want to know your desired outcome. By identifying your goals, we can tailor our creative efforts to ensure the event’s success.

To further enhance the event’s impact, we take into account the attendees and their preferences. We delve into who they are, what motivates them, and what turns them off. This knowledge helps us create an event experience that resonates with your target audience, capturing their attention and maximizing their engagement. By understanding their hot buttons, we can design an event that leaves a lasting impression.

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Creative Direction

The Path
To Success

Our Creative Development services encompass a range of offerings to bring your event to life. We can assist with concept development and brand messaging, crafting a cohesive and compelling narrative that aligns with your objectives. Through multimedia design and production, we create immersive experiences that captivate attendees and convey your message effectively.

Custom scripting ensures that every aspect of the event, from presentations to speeches, is tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We can also provide celebrity or headline entertainment to add star power and excitement to your event. For a truly memorable experience, we offer theatrical productions that engage the audience on a deeper level, combining storytelling and spectacle.

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Creative Direction

Experts At
Your Side

Our expertise extends to stage and scenic design, transforming your event space into a visually stunning environment that reflects your brand and message. We utilize video creation to enhance presentations, highlight key moments, and provide impactful visual content. In addition, we can support your event with digital marketing campaigns that generate buzz and drive attendance.
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Creative Direction

Take Comfort
In Collaboration

With our creative direction, we will collaborate closely with you to develop an event that achieves all your goals. Our comprehensive services cover everything from concept development and multimedia design to scripting and digital marketing. Together, we will create an event that not only meets your business objectives but also leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.
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The event was a huge success and the staging/set was terrific! We truly appreciate the effort you and your team put into it to make it a success.

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Heidi, Jim and the Technisch Creative team never fail to impress. They have taken our VIP events from great to jaw dropping. It’s wonderful to work with professionals that understand the commitment required to complete the job below budget and on time, every time.

Kimberly DeBrabander CMP Sales Manager, Radisson Hotel Lansing at the Capitol
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Thank you for all of your work. The Eyde Company was thrilled with how the event turned out and said it could not have gone better. Really appreciate all you did!

Josh Hovey Vice President, Truscott Rossman
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We have worked with Technisch Creative for several years to manage our annual signature fundraising event in the Michigan Historical Museum. While the Museum is an amazing place to host an event, it is also challenging. We are open to the public a few hours before the event begins so set-up and tear down is critical. Heidi and her staff treat the museum with care and respect while transforming it into a beautiful holiday gala. Technisch Creative’s ability to multitask and oversee several key areas of production has made them an essential part of the success of the event. Heidi and Jim’s outstanding administrative, organizational, creative, marketing and strong business skills have proven to be extremely valuable to us.

Patricia Clark Executive Director, Michigan History Foundation
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Heidi is a delight to work with. Not only is she extremely professional in all aspects of project delivery but her relationship with her clients as well as her staff is always exemplary. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed. Most of all she is very organized which may explain the air of quite calm that surrounds her. It is always a delight to photograph an event managed and produced by Heidi and her team.

J.D. Small, Photographer
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In my fifteen years in the industry, I’ve seen hundreds of productions, but very few with a staff that seems to enjoy what they do as much as Technisch does. You’ll not find a more beautiful room, a more impressive reveal, or more people who know where to be at the right time.If you’re a company looking for full scale event production, look no further. If you’re a vendor looking to establish a client relationship, you’ll learn every day from working with Heidi, Jim and the rest of her distinguished team.

Benjamin Slayter, Event Production and Artist Management
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Technisch has done a first-rate job on every project I’ve seen them involved with. Heidi is highly professional and customer-service-oriented.

Michael Rogers Vice President Communications, Small Business Association of Michigan
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Technisch has done a first-rate job on every project I’ve seen them involved with. Heidi is highly professional and customer-service-oriented.

Michael Rogers Vice President Communications, Small Business Association of Michigan
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A pleasure to work with, a thrill to see exhibition space be transformed into another world, production that impresses. The best part…the look on my client’s faces. I highly recommend Technisch Creative.

Kent Lenzen CMP, CTA, Director of Sales, Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority
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I can only say what an amazing job your team did with the annual conference! Thank goodness to everyone for stepping up and stepping in while I was unexpectedly not there. It was a relief to know that the conference was in fantastic hands.

Christina Buck Meeting Planner, International Business Incubator Association
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Heidi, Jim, and the team at Technisch Creative provided a superb venue to showcase our act. Both the front- and back-of-house technicians were professional, courteous, and welcoming, making it easy for us to focus on entertaining the audience. They set the bar high for professionalism in the industry!

Alex Karvounis, Doubble Troubble Entertainment, Inc
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I was honored to be part of your outstanding Leadership Luncheon. It was a terrific event—program, venue, entertainment, food. I haven’t stopped talking about it!

Lisa Hurley Content Director, Penton Meetings/The Special Event




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