Technisch Creative


  • Client: The International Hearing Society
  • Event: 3-Day Conference

The Story

The International Hearing Society, renowned for hosting an annual 3-day conference for their international membership, presents a unique set of challenges that Technisch Creative has fearlessly tackled since 2012. Through our partnership and dedication, we have consistently elevated the quality of the guest experience while providing a stress-free experience for the meeting planner and staff.

One of the distinctive challenges lies in the very nature of their business. The membership comprises audiologists and sales representatives in the hearing aid industry, many of whom have personally experienced the effects of hearing loss.

Understandably, providing top-notch audio production for their meetings becomes the paramount focus. Recognizing their high expectations, Technisch Creative has partnered with an audio looping provider, implementing a comprehensive wired system in every meeting room. This innovative solution ensures a powerful audio boost for individuals utilizing hearing aids, surpassing their needs with unparalleled clarity. Moreover, our team boasts highly skilled and experienced audio engineers. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we consistently raise the bar and meet the lofty expectations of this esteemed group year after year. Our high standards and technical expertise have solidified our position as the trusted production partner for the International Hearing Society.

Technisch Creative has been a steadfast companion to the International Hearing Society, continually enhancing the conference experience for their international membership. By addressing their unique requirements, we have not only met but exceeded their expectations, cementing our reputation as the go-to team for unrivaled production.

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