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  • Client: Association of Corporate Travel Executives

The Story

When it came to enhancing the production value of their esteemed Global Events, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives knew they needed the expertise of Technisch Creative. Our team was entrusted with leading the production efforts while collaborating with local resources across several countries, all while staying within the predetermined budget.

The project was not without its challenges. One of the first hurdles we encountered was the task of creating captivating content that would satisfy the sponsors and seamlessly translate to the diverse local crews. Each city presented its own unique set of specifications, regulations, and even language barriers. However, our team rose to the occasion, handling these complexities with finesse and precision.

Additionally, we faced the exciting challenge of managing joint sessions and meeting the requirements of their partner organization, the Centre for Aviation (CAPA). This required coordination of schedules and the alignment of goals between two influential entities. With advanced planning and flexibility, our production crew successfully met and exceeded the expectations of both organizations.

One of our keys to success lies in our extensive global network of contacts. Leveraging these valuable relationships, Technisch Creative was able to deliver exceptional production value and go above and beyond by incorporating unexpected features within the given budget including large LED screen presentations and live image magnification, all utilized to enhance the overall experience.

In summary, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives entrusted Technisch Creative to take their Global Events to new heights. With our expertise, we overcame challenges, collaborated with local resources, and utilized our global network to create a truly remarkable production that exceeded expectations.

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