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Since 2008, Technisch Creative has been collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Michigan Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Association of Michigan, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the Edward Lowe Foundation to bring forth an extraordinary event known as “Michigan Celebrates Small Business.” This annual gathering serves as a platform for small business owners and their supporters from across the state to come together and honor the deserving winners.

Throughout the year-long planning process, Technisch Creative remains in close communication with the planning committee, ensuring that we stay informed about any updates regarding the award process and underwriter status. This enables us to adapt the event budget accordingly and seize opportunities to enhance its overall value. Furthermore, this collaborative approach enables us to align the event’s marketing and design, resulting in a cohesive and impactful visual experience.

Once the distinguished award recipients have been selected, Technisch Creative takes on the responsibility of producing compelling videos showcasing each winner. Our team coordinates video shoots at the recipients’ respective businesses across the state, arranging travel logistics and capturing their authentic stories.

When the highly anticipated day of the event arrives, Technisch Creative assumes complete control over all technical production, presentation design, production management, decor, and labor supervision. We provide all of the production elements including large scale projection, crystal-clear audio reinforcement, theatrical lighting design, specialty linens and table top decor, and a fully customized video presentation.

The event itself encompasses a grand reception for all attendees, an exclusive VIP reception attended by sponsors and the esteemed Governor, and a prestigious awards dinner featuring an inspiring presentation and live entertainment.

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