The Technisch Experience Through the Eyes of an Intern

How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? Now the only way to answer that question is by being an intern at Technisch Creative and attending our weekly “Fun Friday” meeting! Each Friday, we interns gather together to share which projects and events we have worked on throughout the work week and keep everyone informed as to what is occurring throughout the entire company. However, the fun part of Fun Friday is what comes next: each week, an activity is presented to us that we must complete. The activities are designed to get our creativity flowing and dissolve all mental boundaries that we feel standing in our way of projecting innovative ideas. For instance, one week we role played according to the celebrity name that we received on an index card. We were then put in groups of three and asked to create a fundraising event combining each of the celebrities’ talents and present our ideas to the rest of the interns while embodying our celebrity’s persona.

During another Fun Friday, we established which aspect of life we were each an expert on and we presented our expertise to the other interns. These activities not only foster creativity, but allow each of us the freedom to express our ideas no matter how ridiculous they may seem. The only way to develop a truly winning marketing strategy, or award-winning event is to expand your mind to reach the highest limits and feel free to experiment with ideas that may seem far out of reach. Each of Friday’s activities throws such imaginative curve-balls at us, that when presented with another problem at events or throughout other careers, we will certainly be ready.

To better accomplish goals, we are split into Team A and Team B based upon the type of work we specialize in: audio/visual or business. Each team works individually throughout the week before coming together on Fridays, and this extra time is used to do individualized projects to better prepare for each weekly meeting. Beyond “Fun Fridays,” we interns are also responsible for contributing to the planning, set-up and strike of events. Events range from small business meetings, to events like the annual Jingle Ball fundraiser at the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing.

The interns here at Technisch Creative all have diverse interests and tastes, yet we were united through the internship in order to dive head first into what the event industry offers. The industry certainly requires a lot of planning, and requires a competitive nature in order to demonstrate the utility of Technisch Creative to potential clients. The internship program concludes with a trip to Chicago for “The Special Event” expo, where we will have the opportunity to network with other companies in the industry before being sent off in the world to “make waves” thanks to the experience we received from Technisch Creative.

by Jenny Piatkowski, Marketing Intern

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